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ARE YOU TIRED of watching the same old Videos and Ads that promise you will earn a 6-Figure Income or more. . . .  

But Fail to Deliver . . . ?

Are you fed up with buying their books, CD's, Course and Plugins only to realize that - even if these things DO work . . . 

You won't ACT on them??

And are you tired of discovering that, even if you DO Take Action,  

Their Stuff doesn't work for YOU???

Hi - I'm Michael Craig . . . and I've been where you are!

But after discovering - and implementing - the Secret I'm about to share with you, my wife and I began to earn Six Figures! 

I'm also the author of several books, host an online radio show, and make money from doing what I love. 

. . . and if you give me the next three minutes of your time, I'll show you how to REALLY start earning the same Six Figures without all the Get-Rich-Quick hype you've heard before.

So ready . . . ?  Here's the Story . .

jason oman

Best-selling success author Jason Oman and I (that's me on the left) were sitting around one day a few months ago rehashing all the courses, seminars, reports, books, tapes, CD's and other money-making and success information products we've seen and gone through . . . 

We also marveled at the thought that, while all of these products teaching the "Usual Success Formula" seemed to help to a certain degree, 

Very Few of Them addressed the Hidden Reason why so many Entrepreneurs and small business people still continue to struggle . . .

Then Jason suddenly posed a very interesting question . . .

What is it that WE knew or understood about success that's missing from all those other courses . . . ?  

And what did WE do that was different from what is usually taught out there??

"Great Question,"  I said - as a light suddenly went on in my head . . . 

I realized that both Jason and I had latched onto something that we don't often see in struggling Entrepreneurs.  And that is . . . 

The Actual Inner Drive to Succeed!!

Why is it that some Entrepreneurs seem to naturally HAVE this drive while others struggle just to find it?

Why is it that some always have this inner 'Seed of Success' to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, while others  have NO IDEA what to look for . . . 

. . . or even what it IS they are missing in the first place??

Jason's eyes got wider as he began to see that there is a missing piece to all those Success Courses we'd bought . . . and that not even the ones teaching these Success Courses have any idea what is missing . . . or how to develop it in those who ARE missing it!

"Holy &%$#@" he exclaimed . . . That's IT!"  

"What's it?" I asked.

"The Secret Code to Success!" 

Jason stood up and anxiously paced the floor, then proceeded to explain  something I'd known for decades, but never knew how to share it with others in a way that could actually help them succeed.

I knew he was right . . . So right then and there I resolved to help him put together a Special Presentation - a way to share this "Missing Link" with everyone who wanted or needed it.

We then spent several months writing, recording and editing EVERYTHING we knew about this "Missing Link," i.e., the piece that is missing from the "Usual Success Formula" template that is prevalent in so many success courses. 

Eventually we came up with several modules that we knew made up the ULTIMATE SUCCESS COURSE . . . a Course designed specifically for those who are still struggling to make a living online . . . or in their small business!  We call it . . . 

The 6 Figure Code

How to Turn Your Mind Into a 24-Hour ATM Machine!

6 figure code

For most people, "making money" is NOT about becoming a Millionaire.  That, in fact, may be a stretch for some people . . . especially for those still struggling just to pay their bills!

However, earning Six Figures a year is entirely possible AND do-able for most people!

It's a matter of FIRST clearing up the inner "Stuff" that's holding you back, then SECONDLY by connecting the dots to financial success used by others who are already successful. 


To Get Access to a Very Special Program that Jason and I put together 

to share this valuable information with you!

And, don't worry . . . It's FREE!  

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